Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Update for 2012

The North Pond has basically been finished. The slopes have been seeded and covered with a straw mulch. The wall is done and the pond is up to the normal level.

The South Pond underpass is done. Here you can see the forms around the headwall.

The pumper truck fills in the concrete forms.

The guy on the right in this photo has a chest mounted remote control that moves the pump chute.

Video of the pumper truck in action.

After the forms were removed.

The Arrowood Drain has been started. This will run between #11 tee and #13 tee and returns this to a more historically accurate path for the water.

This is the view from in front of #13 tee.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Construction Update #5

Things have been going pretty well with the Traver Creek Project. The three retaining walls were finished on Friday, November 30th.
Almost done with the north pond (#17) wall.

The wall from the north side.

The wall and rip-rap along the Traver Creek discharge from the pond.

Working on wall 2 by #10 green.

The finished product.

Seeding with native plants along the creek and installing mulch blankets.

Looking down from #17 green toward #10 green.

Starting the final wall near #12 green.

Diversion on the south pond (#12)

The view from 12 tee.

Dredging of the south pond begins.