Friday, October 25, 2013

Then and Now

Last year at this time, we started the Traver Creek Project. The transformation of the golf course is the previous 12 months is amazing.

Below is the view from #10 tee last summer.
Notice the tree to the left of the tee box.

This spring before the tee is rebuilt. You can see the ballwasher and tee sign.

Laying the sod.

The rough starting to come in this summer.

October 1st.

Number twelve shows a more drastic transformation.

The view from the tee in July 2012.

The view in December.

May 2013.


Number eleven.


After construction.


Number thirteen.



Number ten green.

View of the green from the fairway before construction.


Number seventeen.

This photo is from 2010.

November 2012.

Spring 2013.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brown areas in newly seeded areas.

If you have been paying close attention, you may have noticed some of the grass in the newly seeded areas (mostly on #10, #11, #13 and #18) is turning brown. Since the past week has been dry, your first thought might be that some of the grass seedlings are drying out. That is not the primary culprit. Two weeks ago, we noticed that a lot of the plants coming in were either crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) or Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus.) These weeds would die off at the first hard frost but would germinate from seeds(crabgrass and nutsedge) and/or tubers (nutsedge) in subsequent years. Luckily, there are herbicides that can kill the weeds and hopefully, prevent that from happening. It is hoped that by spraying this product now, when the areas are first growing in and populations are not high, we can avoid having these weeds in later seasons. What you are seeing as brown grass is the weeds starting to die off. We go at low rates of the herbicide and do multiple applications in order to minimize the risk to the desirable turfgrasses and to prevent herbicide runoff.

Along #18, you can see patches of the brown "grass."

More patches between #10 tee (foreground) and the fairway. Most of this area was Yellow Nutsedge.

The left side of #13 fairway. You can see a greener line to the left of the cart path. This was an area where the contractor had a problem with the irrigation line. They had to dig it up after it was originally seeded and hand spread the seed after fixing the irrigation. This meant they put down more seed per square foot. The resulting turfgrasses came in thick enough to discourage the weeds from germinating.

A closer picture. The brown, spider-like clumps are crabgrass. This form is how it got it's common name.

Here is a much closer image. You can see the turfgrasses are growing amongst the dying crabgrass and are looking very healthy.

The brown clumps here are sedges.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Snapping Turtle Migration

This morning, a large female snapping turtle was seen moving along Traver Creek. She was between the first bridges downstream from Traver Road and the #17 pond. This is great news because it means that at least some of the turtles we moved last fall for the Traver Creek Project have made it back to the areas they were relocated from. The photo above is from last fall, as I did not have my camera with me this morning. You can read more about the turtle relocation HEREHEREHERE or HERE.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Substantial Completion

With the laying of the sod on #10 fairway and tee, as well as the seeding of the remaining areas of rough, substantial completion of the Traver Creek Project has been reached. Substantial completion does not include the cart paths that need to be replaced, the spoil pile to the west of #14 tee and the irrigation system (which has some kinks to be worked out.)

#10 tee ready for sod.

Bentgrass sod being delivered and rolled out on #10 tee.

The tee is taking shape.

After the bentgrass sod was layed out on the tee, the contractors went to work on the bentgrass in the fairway on the front half of the fairway. This area was raised about a foot in order to facilitate drainage. They then put down bluegrass sod around the tee. This is the predominate grass type in our rough. IN the next couple of days, the contractors were able to finish grading and seeded everything. Now it will need some time for the grass to germinate and grow.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back 9 Open

After a cool and wet spring, we have now decided to open the Back 9 at Leslie Park Golf Course. There are areas that have bare soil and are marked "Ground Under Repair." If your ball goes into these areas, please do not hit from inside the ropes. Pick up your ball and drop it at the nearest point of relief outside the roped area. There is no penalty for this. Also, please do not hit from the sodded areas. Treat this the same as the seeded areas.

Enjoy the weather and be aware that work will still be progressing during open play times.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Construction Project Update #12

Anderson-Fischer came in this week and laid bluegrass sod behind the four rock walls near 10,12,17 and 18 greens. This will enable those areas to be playable much sooner than if we had seeded the rough there. Unlike the fairway sod that was laid last week, this sod is the normal 18 inches by 36 inches.

The design engineer checks out the sod on #10 and calculates the area.

#12 green is to the left in this picture looking back toward the tee.

#17 green.

A close-up of the seventeenth green.

#18 green, looking back toward the tee.

The view from behind the green.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project Update #11 (We have Sod)

Anderson-Fischer brought some of the bentgrass sod for the fairways early last week.
The skid-steer with the attachment for laying big roll sod. Big roll sod is 30 inches wide and 100 feet long.

The guys pulling the sod tight against the last roll on #14 fairway.

A short video demonstrating the process.

Rolls of sod waiting in the staging area.

As soon as the sod was laid out, we needed to get water on it. It is still dormant (hence the brown color) but water and warm temperatures should help to bring it out.

#11 fairway. Note how wide and flat the landing area is now.

#11 from the green. The areas that are bare soil now will be rough and will be seeded later.

The area between the north pond and Traver Road was hydroseeded with native prairie plants.

This blueish area on #12 was hydroseeded with a rough mix. The straw mulch blankets were put down after seeding with native wetland plants.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Project Update #10

The weather has finally started to turn and work is progressing nicely. The spoil areas are starting to be finished and prepped for seed. The seeding of some areas should begin on Saturday. The contractor added a rock wall to the left of #18 green. This will give the hole some relief for shots that go long on the finishing hole.

The new berm along Traver Road get power raked.

With the delay in spring warm-up, the opening of the back 9 of the course has been delayed for two weeks. We are now targeting Friday, April 12th.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update #9

It has been a while since I have updated this project. The reason for this is the weather. The temperatures are at or below freezing and that has slowed down the progress. Things are starting to turn around now, so here are some pictures.

The trees have arrived!

Unloading the trees.

Digging the holes for the new trees on #11.

A hole ready for the tree that is right next it.

Trees for the mound next to the north pond. (#17)

A video of the rootball digger.

Working hard on a cold and snowy first day of spring.