Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to the Leslie Park Golf Course – Traver Creek Project!!!

I’m Harry Sheehan, Environmental Manager for the Washtenaw County Water Resources Office. This blog is all about the stream restoration work that will occur next winter on holes 10-13, 17 & 18. Posts will be made through design, construction and restoration.  Contributors will include me, Course Superintendent Scott Spooner, City of Ann Arbor Water Quality Manager Jen Lawson.

Some of you were at the public meeting held, February 27, 2012. We received a lot of helpful comments and questions. The materials from that meeting include:

-Post Meeting Summary
-Conceptual Vision
-Shawn Smith review letter (golf course architect)

Please click the resources tab to download these itmes.

Our second public meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 30, 7:30-9:00 PM at the Leslie Science Center

We hope this blog provides information about the project that you will find useful. If you have questions comments or requests, email  or post a question.

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  1. Golf course management and strategic play are an important element that every golfer should have in their "kit bag". Ironically enough, the higher the handicap, the more important it is to think strategically around the golf course. Yet most beginning golfers have no clue about this important aspect of the game.