Thursday, May 30, 2013

Snapping Turtle Migration

This morning, a large female snapping turtle was seen moving along Traver Creek. She was between the first bridges downstream from Traver Road and the #17 pond. This is great news because it means that at least some of the turtles we moved last fall for the Traver Creek Project have made it back to the areas they were relocated from. The photo above is from last fall, as I did not have my camera with me this morning. You can read more about the turtle relocation HEREHEREHERE or HERE.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Substantial Completion

With the laying of the sod on #10 fairway and tee, as well as the seeding of the remaining areas of rough, substantial completion of the Traver Creek Project has been reached. Substantial completion does not include the cart paths that need to be replaced, the spoil pile to the west of #14 tee and the irrigation system (which has some kinks to be worked out.)

#10 tee ready for sod.

Bentgrass sod being delivered and rolled out on #10 tee.

The tee is taking shape.

After the bentgrass sod was layed out on the tee, the contractors went to work on the bentgrass in the fairway on the front half of the fairway. This area was raised about a foot in order to facilitate drainage. They then put down bluegrass sod around the tee. This is the predominate grass type in our rough. IN the next couple of days, the contractors were able to finish grading and seeded everything. Now it will need some time for the grass to germinate and grow.